Sunday Rhythms Playlist Volume Two

A Playlist for your Sunday Energy


Today, the sun is out in Portland and I’m thankful. I’ve been in the middle of major shifts, bringing long thought out visions finally to fruition. It’s scary work, sitting in the face of change. Rather than try and force fear into silence, I prefer to listen to it, and figure out how I can attune to it through my creative work. For me, it begins with music, of finding the melodies that bring me inspiration and grounding.

Volume Two of Sunday Rhythms features artists with lush melodies and golden lyrics. You’ll find the music of beautiful folks like local Portland artists like Blossom, the multi-genre jazz Miami group Shenzi, and of course, Herbie Hancock (who could be better to ground your week)?

Take a moment to ground, listen, and vibe to the rhythms.