Creative direction, storytelling, Multi-media art

instagram: An exploration of joy

Maximalism is a philosophy of celebrating the color, vibrancy, and lushness of life. Working against the aesthetic of minimalism, maximalism is a celebration of running towards the noise, embracing the messiness and joys of life loudly and with boldness. As a young queer Black woman, whose voice and ideas are often silenced or ignored, I embrace maximalism as a method for celebrating and sharing my voice, my ideas, and my art.

My Instagram page is a celebration and collection of my thoughts as a Black queer woman navigating the world, sharing my ideas across topics in popular, activist, and artistic culture, from wellness to self care, from the protection of women of color the weekly Neo-Soul playlists I post.

My Role

  • Social media analytics, account management, multi-media art created through Photoshop, InDesign, and iMovie.


Create, build, and sustain an Instagram community that houses my thoughts on all things wellness, social activism, art, and my affinity for sunflowers and mangos.

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Micro-blogging magic

I treat Instagram as a micro-blog, a powerful way to share my thoughts and artistic pieces in glimpses. In speaking on wellness, self care, activism, and artistic creation, I’ve grown a small and powerful community of artists and creators across the country. I see my page as an ongoing exploration of my thoughts and artistic work, creating new pieces and micro-blog posts on methods of healing, creativity, and maximalism.


  • Organically, my posts average 300-500 likes per post.

  • in A past four months (January 2019-May 2019), I’ve grown my page organically by over 1,300 followers.

  • My work has been shared by platforms such as Refinery29, Blavity, and Her.

Below, you’ll find a collection of the posts that I love the most. I continue to create and grow my online community on a daily basis, exploring new thoughts, creative pieces, and almost always with a bowl of mangos by my side.