Photography by  Olivia Ashton .

Photography by Olivia Ashton.

Poetry as a method of healing, and freedom.

My poetry centers ancestry, magic, and my connections to Blackness, queerness, and womanhood.

I’m a three-time quarter-finalist from the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI). My work has received Oberlin College Artistry honors, CUPSI honors in Featured Piece (2016), and Funniest Group Piece with Misaël Syldor (2017).

I’ve performed with organizations across the Northwest, including PICA, Project Object, YGB, DUG and RACC.

Find my work on Button Poetry.

Excerpts of my Work

Ode to the gold hoops dangling on the bathroom wall. My $2.99 armor, jewel tone magic, turning the most basic fit unstoppable fly. Little halos following me everywhere I go.
When was the last time someone said your name along with the word “love?” Did they say it right, your name I mean? Did they hold it well, I mean the love?
Today be about the girl and her soft knuckle and her dance. Dance like everyday is lit. Dance like she lonely - and loving hard anyway. Dance like her body wild wind carrying both the ruin and holy dust.

Photography by  Olivia Ashton .

Photography by Olivia Ashton.

I’m available for performances, workshops, and healing spaces. Let’s talk about your vision.

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